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Download Metastock 2023 Full crack, Serial keygen.  The MetaStock formula team frequently receives requests for formula to identify divergences.  However, this is a visual pattern and a formula must base all signals on mathematical conditions.  Therefore, to create a MetaStock formula for a divergence, we must first precisely define what a divergence is.

Referring to the original definition I first presented, a divergence has two parts:
• Price is making a higher high
• indicator is making a lower high
A divergence then requires two comparisons.  A "high" in the prices is greater than a previous "high" and a "high" of the chosen indicator is less than a previous "high".  The highs referred to are not of a specific bar but peaks in normal up and down movement of the chart.  Now we have the dilemma, what is a peak?  On this definition rests the entirety of the formula.  Consider the chart below:

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